Our Team

Dr Melissa Tanner

The expression you’re only as good as your people is a well-worn cliche. However, in any medical field, it also happens to be true.

Our team of experts have three things in common: they are passionate about our services; they pursue the best treatments in the field – whether they’re tried and true methods or the most progressive cutting-edge technology; and they believe in providing a personalised experience to every client from the very first consultation.

Dr Melissa Tanner is a Specialist General Practitioner with over ten years experience and a special interest in Women’s Health. She brings to Ambrosia a passion for women’s health and a breadth of general medical and life experience.

Dr Tanner says, “I am thrilled to be involved in providing women with MonaLisa Touch, a new treatment option for issues related to vaginal atrophy. It is a treatment that is evidence-based, effective and with minimal side- effects.”