Hyperhidrosis Injections

Do you suffer from excessive underarm sweating?

As most of us know, sweating is the body’s way of regulating temperature. However, for those that suffer from excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis), it’s not simply a case of sweating heavily due to exercising or overheating. People who suffer from this condition have over-active sweat glands which means they sweat all the time.

The frustrating and often distressing thing about this condition is that there seems to be no reason for it – sufferers find that even when they’re not exercising and are perfectly cool, their underarms and clothes can be wet with sweat.

While hyperhidrosis doesn’t negatively affect your health, it can cause discomfort, embarrassment and sometimes real misery. It is often referred to as the ‘silent disorder’ and those with the condition can find it difficult to go about their daily lives because they are acutely aware of the sweating and the damp patches on their clothes.

What causes hyperhidrosis?

Although the effects are well-known, the exact causes of excessive sweating are not. What we do know is factors such as diet and stress levels can make the condition worse. Many of our patients also tell us that they get so anxious about the excessive sweating they often sweat more! You can learn more about this condition here.

So, is there an effective treatment for embarrassing sweating?

If you suffer from this condition, we know you’ve probably tried everything – with little or no real results. Special deodorants, medications and diet restrictions often only work up to a point, and while operations to reduce sweating can be effective, they are costly and are not risk free.

If you’ve spent many frustrating years wondering how to stop excessive sweating, then Ambrosia Medical has a solution.

Anti-sweat underarm injections

Our treatment for hyperhidrosis is simple, non-invasive and effective. It takes between 33-45 minutes and consists of (generally non-painful) injections to the underarm which works to temporarily stop sweat glands from producing sweat.

After living with the stress of heavy underarm sweating for so long, you may not believe how simple the treatment is, but in as little as 7 days you’ll be noticing a significant difference. Within two weeks, your life will be changed for the better. You’ll be free from the ever-present anxiety about people noticing your sweating, and free to live your life the way you want, in the clothes you want.

Contact Ambrosia Medical today to book a consultation, and experience the freedom our simple treatment for hyperhidrosis can give you. While treatment outcomes may vary between individuals, you will:

  • Start to see results in just 7 days
  • Feel confident it is FDA approved
  • Know it can block up to 90% of sweat in the underarm area
  • Know the treatment can last up to 12 months

Free your armpits with Ambrosia Medical.